Why you need to support & appreciate Bloggers ft. Very Lovely Soles

Before we start, lets take a look at Behind the scenes so far! Pic 1. I was actually LOL! (If that makes any sense) Laughing out loud 😛 Pic 2: Too windy! Trying to manage my dress and the balloons 😳 Pic 3: Windy, cold and what not! Statue!  Pic 4: “Okay my job is done!” expression 😎

There are some things in life only people who are involved in Art’s or Design can only understand. For example the effort that most designers put in creating something outstanding and purely fresh & comfortable for the betterment of society. No wonder the effort seems to be very little sometimes but trust me its a lot more than what you think!

I guess same goes for Style or Fashion Bloggers or influencers! It may seem like taking pictures and posing with a bunch of new clothes is the easiest thing to do in the world but no! There’s a whole big world of thoughts, outbreaks and & self doubts that are involved! Of course taking good pictures is one and may be the most important aspect in blogging and obviously the main source of engagement with the audience but there’s a lot more work to it.

Organizing data, managing time, writing great content, something that broadens one’s mind & provides some new ideas than just adding more crap to their brains 😛 and the list goes on and on!

If you take a look at behind the scenes you will know how much hard work the bloggers or designers put in their work. And specially people like me who have a full time job and is just passionate (may be 😛 about blogging, only i know how i manage my time along with work & my daily chores. Plus the other factors that it involves? Don’t guess, keep reading there’s more 😛

Don’t believe me? Yeah that expression 😈

Here are few:

  1. Taking pictures at odd times/weather . (Specially like now when its freezing outside, its the worst one :/ )
  2. Brainstorming to write interesting posts. (Don’t forget, apart from a full time job)
  3. Trying to look great in pictures. Always! (This one definitely takes the crap out of me 😛 )
  4. Trying to keep up with new trends and styling ideas, books, news, general stuff. YES! A lot more things to be involved in than just fashion or lifestyle. I surely don’t follow trends much, not that i don’t try to but i surely have other stuff to take care about & sometimes i like to make my own trends ( that sounds better no?)
  5. Styling! That’s another big one. We might look great in pictures and the hair & those heels & accessories might look just perfect but what you don’t realize is the number of times we tried different options for clothes or hairstyles before the final one.
  6. Photography: And this could take up-to 2-3 hours and editing is not included in that!
  7. Theme: Some bloggers/designers do not care about themes but some do!  Before i start writing about my style ideologies or why did i choose to wear this or that, i do a lot of brainstorming and always try to connect it with some event or a life story or some of my beliefs that i care to share with the world .
  8. Social Outreach: And then there’s social media! Vast, super creative & saturated and almost sucks up your whole time updating stuff at various platforms.


Very Lovely soles:

Well the Designers take a similar approach, they risk there time to make something super useful and comfortable for the society. “Very Lovely soles” is one such brand! Don’t you just love the name? Its so soothing, and immediately makes you think about something made very beautifully. The founder of the brand V.L.S is V.L.S herself, how cool is that! No kidding 😛



Vanessa L. Seide is the lady behind this brand known for their comfortable & super easy-to-wear flats made up of pure & soft Italian leather. Every pair has a story behind it, mostly named on a childhood friend or person that had a great impact on her. Kristen, Geneva, Sunday are few names.

They are simple & elegant, a perfect wear for day or night outings; with a dress or with jeans, summers or winters (not the winter like in Cleveland for sure :P) or whenever you feel like 🙂 Each pair is reinforced with soft leather lining, a padded insole for extra comfort & a hidden rubber sole. I have already ordered my sandals for summers 🙂

Art is something that cannot be taught i believe. I feel fashion and style is similar to creating Art, but it is definitely something that can be learned by looking closely to others in the field or may be trying to copy them 😛 But you definitely need to have an eye for it!

All I am trying to say is if you have someone who’s work inspires you, support them! They are creating a platform for you where you can learn things easily but they definitely require appreciation & motivation to keep moving forward and fulfill their dreams.

Here’s a link to the website of the brand “Very Lovely Soles“. Link: Here

We are providing a 20% off discount code to all my followers for their purchase with the code : “Urban20″  so go and grab yourself a pair of flats or sandals 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Until next,

The Urbanista ♥

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All of these are true, I think about all the time how much people think its the easiest thing to do



I totally agree with you! Haha trying to look good in pictures is always a challenge.
Haha I always end up talking to the person taking the pictures, and end up with a lot of weird shots.
Blogging is definitely not easy!


My Vogue Style (@Cami2894)

You are so right, everyone thinks it is super easy but I want to see them try to do what we do!

My Vogue Style | http://www.myvoguestyle.com

My Bird Jacket

Such a bang on post my dear ..totally agree to the struggles we bloggers face to create an amazing post hahha thats wahat we think ..lol !! Loved reading every bit it 😘 😘

Richa | https://mybirdjacket.com

My Bird Jacket

Such a bang on post my dear ..totally agree to the struggles we bloggers face to create an amazing post hahha thats wahat we think ..lol !! Loved reading every bit of it 😘 😘

Richa | https://mybirdjacket.com