Knowing your style!

Hello everyone, I am back with another great styling post for you all and as you know Indo-western fusion is my genre 😛

So i have been trying to find a perfect style of my own from few years, I guess everyone has got one of their own, Right? Imagine a world where everyone wore the same clothes, had the same style and liked same things. Now that wouldn’t be exactly the most colorful & interesting place, Right? But that’s the reality isn’t it? People tend to follow new trends and style’s of others blindly & never that they feel like exploring their own style perspective.

I feel its extremely important to spend few moments of your precious time and explore the unique & fabulous person you are and dare to wear something that expresses this individuality of yours. By expressing i mean your tastes, interests, inspirations and aspirations. 

Fashion or Style?

People always confuse Fashion with Style, when they are 2 different things but quite similar in sense.

Fashion is ever changing, ever-evolving. Its about looks, trends, things that are popular at a specific time or period. Style on the other end is Eternal! Its about expressing your individuality in the real sense. And, it has no expiration date!


I would love to share these amazing lines by Joan Crawford that I absolutely adore:

  1. Find your own style & have the courage to stick to it.
  2. Choose your clothes for your way of life.
  3. Find your happiest colors– the ones that make you feel good.


Coming back to the Fusion styling, Loose fitted shirts are amazingly fun and comfy, gives you numerous ways of styling it. I bought this printed loose fitted shirt from one of the amazing online store in India, quite famous for their authentic Indian and Indo-western fusion wear. I immediately fell in love with this shirt for its quirky print and “Gota patti” (Gota is a gold or silver ribbon and lace. Gota is crafted using appliqué technique with a strip of gold or silver or various other coloured ribbons of different widths woven in a satin or twill weave). Quite often I try to style one piece of clothing that I am fond of in a few different ways and this one was truly fun.

First look: The first look is black on black with some fun accessories. I paired the loose fitted shirt with a long black dress and boots with some pop of colors through traditional Pom Pom earrings. The earrings add a quirkiness to the black outfit and I truly love them. These earrings are handmade using traditional pom pom beads and like my style they go well with indo-western fusion 😛




Second look: The second look includes traditional cotton wrap-on skirt with thread and mirror work paired with a crop top, boots again and tribal jewelry to add some fun. What made this look interesting was the authentic Indian prints paired together in a new trendy way.





So here I am expressing my journey of such a great exploration in this constantly changing fashion industry trying to amalgamate my inner culture beliefs and styles with the surrounding western worlds. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comment section below. Details of the outfits below  ♥

Printed cotton loose fitted shirt: The loom

Long cut-out black dress: Forever 21

Pom Pom earrings: The Loud Pout

Crop top: H&M

Tribal necklace: Pipa Bella

Also if you guys are following my updates on Instagram, you might have seen my latest posts about Photo Series I have started (Looking through Nature), so don’t forget to check out the photography section 🙂

Until next time,


The Urbanista ♥


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You look beautiful babe! Love the fusion look 😍😘❤️


I like the Indo fusion and boho vibes for both the looks.
The shirt is really unique and has your sense of style.
Richa | Fancier’s World

Sharvari (Mumbai to Melbourne)

Beautiful look. Such a Boho chic feel to it. Love the shirt and your neckpiece….and the hair adds to the look.


You look gorgeous Tanvi!! Love this look so much. All your accessories are just beautiful! 🙂