East meets West: Jewelry for Contemporary woman

East meets West: Jewelry for Contemporary woman

I am back with another twist for you all, exciting as ever, hope everyone is having a great summer!

Another refreshing post based on my personal styling experiments, this time keeping it simple and neat, I am talking about perfect jewelry for a contemporary, modern and sophisticated woman, for all the things i thrive to become in life. Before i talk further about it, let me ask this question first: What’s a perfect jewelry type for a woman who loves art? or to be specific the one who has an eye for antique and vintage pieces? If you ask me, i think an absolutely artistic piece of jewelry that is elegant, modish and is easy to wear. Many a times you will buy heavy chunky pieces and end up keeping them with you for years, having no perfect occasion to wear them, Right?

I came across this amazing jewelry artist Suhita, her brand named as “Evoke”by Suhita, perfectly chosen after realizing one day that she loved spending time making an ideally matching necklace for a beautiful Banarasi saree that had been hanging in her closet from past few years.

Inspired through travelling and exploring new places, her jewelry is an amalgamation of various artisan materials collected from different parts of the world. A cross-connection between different cultures and her personal love and passion for these authentic elements, she creates every piece by her own making each one unique and graceful. The jewelry is 100% handmade, handcrafted with love.


After having to talk with Suhita, I came to understand that these beautiful pieces of jewelry have been quite popular amongst working professionals, women between the age group of 35 to 50, the ones who are well traveled, having an eye for unique things and the ones who stands out in the crowd & appreciates every bit of vintage and traditional art. Being able to create outfits or looks to produce something that is inspiring & one-of-its kind is something that I do with all my heart & soul. And these pieces have been the perfect match for my style!


For me, this has been another experimental styling experience as when you think about “Haath Phool” (hand jewelry, hand-harness), the first thing that comes to your mind is a wedding or an occasion. So i decided to shake things up a little bit by combining traditional ethnic elements & blending them together with my regular western wear to create a look that is strong, urbane, no age-factor, yet has a little indian-ness to it.


Pulling out a shaded chiffon Saree from my wardrobe with a golden net blouse with zari work on it, I pulled these pieces apart & paired them with different pieces of casual western clothes. The “re-defined saree” as i love saying that, worn with a body fit black top worn as an easy-to-carry outfit along with traditional maang tikka to add a bit of Indian-ness to it. Perfectly fitting in with my outfit the beautiful & light weight hand jewelry is all you can ask for to complete the look.



But well, lets take a moment to re-think about what i said before about not being able to wear such vintage pieces waiting for a right outfit or an occasion! Do we really need a traditional dress to pair up these together? Probably not! Although I really enjoyed creating a well-carried contemporary saree look but certainly there are other ways for a working professional having a 9 to 5 job to pair the jewelry they love the most with western outfits. This thought made me experiment another exciting look pairing my golden blouse with a regular straight skirt that i love wearing to office and a long summer coat to add a little professional look to it. Contemporary styling as it seems, its stands out in the crowd, easy to carry and is a perfect expression of today’s women.







“Why fit in when you were born to stand out??” – This is how i felt after receiving these beautiful pieces from Suhita and I believe this blog-post will definitely “Evoke” a new picture of how you can express your style and individuality through the clothes you wear and jewelry you choose!

Also if you missed my previous post on “Knowing your Style” and need some tips on personal styling, click http://www.theurbanboho.com/know-your-style/to read and don’t forget : Fashion is ever changing, ever-evolving. Its about looks, trends, things that are popular at a specific time or period. Style on the other end is Eternal! Its about expressing your individuality in the real sense. And, it has no expiration date! 

Outfit details:

Saree and blouse: Self-designed

Summer coat: H&M

Heels: Asos

Hand jewelry/ Haath Phool: Evoke by Suhita — https://www.facebook.com/EvokeBySuhita/

Until next time,

The Urbanista ♥


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You styled it well Tanvi. Love these jewellry on you. Great designs.



What a beautiful hand piece. Love how you styled it with evergreen saree and the fusion look! Love everything that is handmade because that is real art! 😊😊


I love the fusion look, you’ve styled it so well! And, love the touch of those delicate jewelry 🙂


Loving all these pieces Tanvi!! You styled the perfectly and you look absolutely stunning babe!! :* <3


You look beautiful Tanvi! The jewelry is stunning and goes so well with this look <3 Fusion style is always inspiring in certain ways, if you know what I mean! 🙂 Have a great rest of the week.

Monika | http://www.palateforstyle.com

Richa Kamal

Love booth the looks Tanvi. So creative and pretty!
The jewelry is definitely the star here.
Richa | Fancier’s World