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I know it has been a really long since i posted much on my blog, I have been very occupied with a big move from the Tropical Texas to Cool Cleveland,  emphasis on the first word please 😛 Its pretty cold in Ohio and everyday it has been a whole new experience in terms of the weather. But the best part about moving to a new place on one’s own is that you obtain so much to experience in life, and every different experience gives you a new lesson and a new memory that lasts forever. Well, that’s my perception of life!

So I have been wanting to do another fusion Indo-western attire post for you all because the last one was more or less a hit! 😉 But since I am very occupied these days, I am sharing another exciting lifestyle post, this time based on my personal choices.

I am truly a fragrance fanatic. I love to be around fragrances all day long and honestly speaking, sometimes I put too much that it gives me a headache lol! But since I have been trying a lot of diverse fragrances over the past 2-3 years, I wanted to share my top 5 on the list as of now! So lets get started…



  1. Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme Eau de Parfum:

One of my all time favorite fragrance. Fairly priced, long lasting, romantic and very complimentary. This perfume has been one of a kind that gives me a perfect satisfaction of a scent. Great for day or night, office or party wear. I personally love it for the fact that its fragrance stays the same even after a long day of hard work &  you can definitely expect compliments 😉

Warm , sensual, sweet and a little woody. Definitely long lasting. The perfume is created to complete the sophisticated smartness of a woman before her evening out.

Price: 35$ for 2.5 Oz (I personally feel that this piece is very fairly priced as compared to the others on my list and its lovely. Must try 🙂

 2. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream:

Well, who doesn’t love Daisies? Inspired by beautiful scent and spirit of daisies, clean and fresh. Its a very free spirited, feminine and elegant, & equally beautiful is the bottle that has been designed in a shawl of laced daisies & you will definitely fall in love with it. I believe the its not only the fragrance but the package as a whole that attracts one’s senses. But believe it or not, after having tried a lot of perfumes, i  will not give full marks to this one as i didn’t find it long lasting. Specially for a 9 to 5 job, when you want to smell good all day long.

Clean & fresh, refreshing florals, feminine, not so sensual. Though i enjoyed using this for sure, but i feel that its quite an expensive option.

Price: 96$ for 3.4 Oz



3. Victoria Secret’s: 

Have you tried Victoria Secret’s collection of perfumes and mists? If not, then you are surely missing great stuff. I have been trying a lot of their products, and honestly speaking i have a bunch of them, each one of them with a unique style and fragrance. And the best part about their collection is that they offer you other products with the same fragrance that can be used with your perfume to make it last longer. I have been using the mist and perfume together and it works really well.

  • Victoria Secret’s Eau So Sexy:

I have been using this from a long time and I am on my second bottle now. Its very fresh and sweet, floral and feminine yet not sensual, i can say its more girly with its cute bottle. It feels like a summer fragrance and i wouldn’t prefer it for evenings.

Fresh, floral, perfect for summery days, free-spirited, a little on the expensive side and fairly long lasting. 

Price: 52$ for 1.7 Oz

  • Victoria Secret’s Tease: 

Sensual fragrance and the bottle. The pump has beautiful lady-like lace decorations. Very feminine and sexy. Definitely will be loved by your bf’s or spouse’s as its very addictive too. I have been using the perfume along with the mist and it works really well. I cannot really differentiate it for the time of the day it should be used, because the fragrance is just so feminine that you would love it all day long or night.

Feminine, sexy & warm. Floral and long lasting. Definitely worth a try!

Price: 52$ for 1.7 Oz



  • Victoria Secret’s Night:

As the name says, perfect for “Nights”. I tried wearing this scent during mornings but honestly speaking its just so warm and glamorous that you would prefer it using for nights outs or dinner parties. The bottle is classic black, very elegant and sleek with a little sequined top.

Warm, intriguing, mildly long lasting. Definitely tempting and sexy. In case you like wearing different fragrances during day and at night, you can totally try this as an option for your evenings out. 

Price: 52$ for 1.7 Oz


So here are my Top 5 fragrances I have loved so far. I have tried a few more but i guess these have been really special ones for me that i decided to share with you all. I would also like to give you guys a small advice, I have come across the fact that its very practical to buy large bottles of perfumes with only few bucks extra than the small ones as the quantity is almost double in case of big bottles at a reasonably good price. If you guys decide to try VS’s perfumes after going through my reviews, make sure you buy 3.4Oz bottle rather than 1.7Oz as its economical.

I hope you liked this post. This has been my first attempt on reviewing the products that i have used and liked so far. Please share your comments and feedback to let me know if I am doing a good job at it 😛

Until next time,


The Urbanista ♥

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These are so fun! I have Marc Jacobs Daisy and a Victoria’s Secret perfume and I love both.

xx Yasmin

streetmadonna (@streetmadonna)

Thanks for sharing! I want to try the Victoria’s Secret one. I have used a lot of the body sprays but none of their perfumes. And why did you move to Cleveland?